Over the next lots of weeks(sic) we will be exploring investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a middle income, mixed economy and an emerging market. it is currently the largest economy in Africa and ranks 26th in the world. Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Sub-Saharan Africa with oil contributing about 30% of it current Gross Domestic Product. Petroleum revenue also contributes 90% of its total exports revenue.

However, Nigeria is endowed with several other untapped natural resources including glass-sand, iron ore, coal, gold, dolomite/marble, tin, bitumen, sapphire, lead, limestone, ruby, topaz, just to mention a few. Our soil is also very fertile for agriculture with large produce of Palm oil, cotton, cassava, coffee, peanuts, cocoa, rubber, corn and the list is endless. Most of these resources are currently under utilized because of the general focus on oil revenues.

The service sector in Nigeria has also taken off with a blast, no wonder there is an increase in the number of banks, hotels, schools, housing and still so much room for more investments in these areas.

Over the next number of weeks, we will delve more into the different sectors and explore several potential investment opportunities.

Welcome aboard my business train and I believe you will enjoy the ride. Please feel free to post you questions and I will be happy to answer them